Integrated Receivables

An Integrated Receivables solution makes it easy to capture all of your payments by integrating lockbox, eCheck, ACH and wire into a single payments work-flow, and provides a more comprehensive receivables view in real-time.

Clients can remit electronically (via email or online portal) and by providing a multitude of payment options, the realization of cash receipts is quicker and easier.  Additionally, an integrated receivables solution overcomes the challenge of repeated re-association of remittance data with payments, and automatically applies payments to accounts receivable in a manner a traditional standalone B2B lockbox could not.  

Advantages of the service include:

  • Online bill presentment and payment module, branded with your name and logo
  • Smart matching invoices and bills to payments received, reducing overall time to apply receipts
  • Automatic learning of corrections, email matching and payment application process, improving accuracy and reducing manual effort
  • Real time access to the entire receivables process enables better cash flow forecasting and optimizes cash assets

To learn more about our integrated receivables solution, call Mike Tempesta at (857) 205-2685 or Contact Lighthouse.

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