About Lighthouse Payment Services, Inc

Lighthouse Payment Services is a provider of payment processing solutions (lockbox) tailored for those who don't have the volume to get the attention of larger providers.  We don't have payment minimums and we don't turn you away because your needs may be more complex than other providers are willing to handle.

Other lockbox processors focus on their larger clients, neglecting the needs of smaller businesses which often get overlooked.  Lighthouse Payment Services will meet these needs and make sure that the proper attention and quality service is given to our client, regardless of size.

We have developed a program that utilizes the latest lockbox processing technology to process your remittances.  With our lockbox services, you can maximize your cash flow and the availability of your funds. This is accomplished through the reduction of processing time by our automated system and faster accessibility to the mail.  We process all items received the very same day.

With Lighthouse Payment Services, you can maximize your efficiency because remittance advices and checks are imaged and the images and data are available real-time, via the Internet, to support your customer servicing needs.  Images and data can also be burned to CDs for your research and permanent archival needs.  Every CD we send has the searching program and indexed files burned on it.  The data is also available via e-mail, FTP, fax or hard copy.

Lighthouse Payment Services also enables you to maximize your productivity because our system significantly reduces your in-house processing.  Your staff is then available to perform other tasks, tasks that are important to fulfilling your core responsibilities, servicing your customers.  It also eliminates the morale and staffing problems you encounter during peak processing periods.

We offer both Wholesale lockbox and Retail lockbox processing or a blend of both if required.  Our market segments are in the Customer Profile section of our website.

Because we are confident we can save you money, we will provide you with a free pro forma based on your current lockbox and bank fees, in writing.  All you need to do is to provide us with your volumes.  Go to the Request Quote page and complete the required information.  We will have a quote out to you shortly.  You may also request to have information and a brochure sent to you.

Lighthouse Payment Services, Inc
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